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Samples of my writing can be found here. Please message me for the document codes if you wish to view the documents.

Disclaimer: All of the restricted content is saved and documented on the University of Waterloo plagiarism detection database (Turnitin). Please do not attempt to copy any of these works or their respective parts without citation. If you choose to submit any part of these works as your own, it is almost certain you will be caught and penalized accordingly.

Opinion paper critiquing Neoliberalism for the rise of inequality through analyzing the book Plutocrats by Chrystia Freeland, Canadian Minister of International Trade.

Discusses the possibility of future policy change in the field of Aboriginal Land Claims with regards to Politics, Policy Proposals, and Problems.

Uses the article "Clusters and the New Economics of Competition" by Michael Porter to critique state policy towards business.

Case Study on the Development of North Korea. Part 1: Proposal | Part 2: Development Problems | Part 3: Policy Solutions

A 3-part case study that outlines the food insecurity crisis in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and analyzes how it hinders development overall. In the third part, the paper advises the state with appropriate policy solutions.

A brief position paper supporting the proposition that the Primary Election system is more democratic than the Caucus system in American Politics.

A brief position paper supporting the claim that proportional representation is a better system than the winner-take-all system in the context of the American primary elections.

Discusses the impact and fairness of industrialized countries imposing strict environmental expectations on developing countries in Asia.

Discusses the democratic process in India, South Korea, and Taiwan and offers suggestions to currently democratizing countries based on the successes and mistakes made in these cases.

A brief essay that outlines some theoretical perspectives regarding prostitution and the law as well as discussing Bill C-36.