Welcome to my website! I hope the material on this site is useful and interesting.

I am a fourth year Political Science student at the University of Waterloo with a specialization in Public Policy and Administration. I have a deep interest in conducting research and analysis within the fields of infrastructure, finance, capital planning, environmental, and education policy. I'm also interested in many areas of law such as NCRMD regulations, drug legislation, immigration law, family & divorce regulations, and youth crime. 

Currently, I'm working as a Policy Analyst for the Federal Government at Environment and Climate Change Canada, Pan-Canadian Framework Implementation Office. I've previously worked as a Junior Policy Analyst for the Ontario Ministry of Education, Capital Policy Branch, a Research Analyst for the Ontario Treasury Board Secretariat, Economic Infrastructure Policy Branch, and as a Research Assistant for the University of Waterloo, Secretariat and Office of General Counsel. I hope to work for the public service within a research or policy role after I graduate 

It is my fundamental belief that students should work together to excel in their studies as a team. As such, I always seek to offer Pro Bono assistance to any fellow students in need through free course notes and advice. 

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