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Exam Writing Strategies

So it's right about time for midterm exams now, and a lot of students are hammering away studying hard order to do well on the exam. I've written a guide to studying efficiently in the past, but after writing that, I realized that studying is only really half the battle. The other half, of course, is actually writing the exam. Believe it or not, I actually have a strategy for writing the exam itself, which I will be sharing with you guys today. This strategy to actually writing an exam has helped me a lot on collecting my thoughts, optimizing my time, and also being able to answer questions to the best of my ability. I've tried to group my overall strategy into a group of tips that I hope will be useful and provide some insight for anyone reading this. So without further ado, here are the following tips that I have to most effectively tackle actually writing an exam. 

Tip #1: Go through the whole exam very quickly at the beginning of the exam

Tip #2: Do not focus on grammar, punctuation, spelling , aesthetic writing, or even (mostly) form/structure

Tip #3: Skip questions that are not immediately known. Go back to them later onward

Tip #4: Look for answers to questions (or even questions themselves) that can help answer other questions

Tip #5: For multiple choice questions, ALWAYS remember to choose the MOST correct one

Tip #6: Never ever leave a question blank