Third Year Reflections and Life Updates

November 10th, 2016

Hey Guys!

So it's been another month since I've made an article and I thought I'd update y'all on the things that have happened in the past month or so. Things have really gotten better now that all my Co-op interviews and midterms are finally over and November should be a more relaxing month for sure. I'm already halfway through my 3A term at the University and it's going along quite well! I feel that after your first year, things do get easier because you get used to the University lifestyle.


This term I was as equally nervous finding a Co-op job, but it looks like my past work experience paid off a lot this time! I managed to get an astounding 20 interviews with numerous federal and provincial government jobs, which was really great. I guess it was because I really worked hard to change up my cover letter to be more original. Anyways, it looks like I'm working now for the Ontario Treasury Board Secretariat as a Research Analyst for this Winter Co-op position. I'm also most likely going to try to extend into the Summer as I want to shift around my Co-op sequencing for the sake on convenience

Really excited to see what's coming up working for the Government of Ontario and also looking forward to moving to Toronto again. I've been living so long in Waterloo that I really am beginning to miss the city life.


Yup, you read it correctly! After a summer of going out and meeting a lot of new girls here and there, it was surprising that I ended up meeting my girlfriend during orientation week instead. I guess my mom was right in saying that you meet your partners at the oddest of places sometimes. I still can't believe how amazing she is even after seeing her every single day for the past month or so.

She's also a student at Waterloo and she's in her first year. I honestly am amazed at how wonderful she is! She's kind, smart, and also sometimes a bit bossy (I kinda like being bossed around by her). She's also genuinely cares for other people and only really bosses me around when I'm acting lazy or I want to eat a ton of junk food. I'm both slightly ashamed but also glad to admit that I've been eating and sleeping healthier because of her. It's funny how my parents couldn't make me sleep or eat healthier, but suddenly my girlfriend is able to do so!

Another amazing thing about her is that she LOVES to write about stuff. She's especially interested in make-up reviews and also talking about her own life. We've so far been together for only two months, but I really feel that her and I bond really well together and I'm excited to see what's to come for both of us.

I'll be in Toronto for the winter, but i'll still for sure visit Waterloo often and plan some cool events to go to with her.


Right now I'm currently in between midterms and exams so I'm not really busy with school. I'm for sure looking forward to my Co-op term with the government of Ontario. I'm also thinking of making more academic and tips articles for the future, as I feel that this blog has been really personally focused and I would love to mix things up a bit.

This year for me was really a year in which my life became more stable, both in terms of school, relationships, and also on my future goals. I guess by third year, most students in University have already adjusted to the rhythm of student life. It was certainly a year of settling down for me, and sometimes the settled life does feel good.

Stay tuned for more articles in the future!